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AttorneyFee at a Glance

Founded in 2011 and based in Mountain View, California, AttorneyFee is a trusted marketplace for people to promote, discover, and hire cost effective legal services.

A recent study of the New York state court system found that 95% of people in housing, family, and consumer debt matters lacked representation.

The justice system was not designed to function without advocates. AttorneyFee gives ordinary people the ability to find talented attorneys that fit within their budget.

Looking for an attorney?

  • Affordability. Find out which attorneys you can afford and how much you should expect to pay.
  • Expertise. Discover which attorneys win their cases more often than average
  • Services. Learn what past clients had to say about how they were treated

You are an attorney?

  • Stand Out. Promote your track record of real world successes
  • Get Clients. Connect with people that are serious about hiring an attorney
  • Get Paid. Collect with confidence and say goodbye to headache invoices


Established: September 2011
Office Locations: Mountain View, CA and Chicago, IL
Head Count: 12

14 million govt. documents scanned
600 million web pages crawled
250 thousand attorneys profiled
1 million people served
5 thousand communities covered