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Kate Spade sued for $1 Million Copyright Infringement over Poppy Print

Fashion and accessory designer Kate Spade is known for bright colors and bold prints, but someone found one of her designs to look a little too familiar. The trustees of the estate of late artist Vera Neumann have commenced a lawsuit against Spade asserting that the designer blatantly ripped off the artist’s famous 1979 design, Poppy Field.

The New York Post reported that the executors of Neumann’s estate filed papers in a federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday, and so far there has been no response from Kate Spade or her attorneys.

Copyright law protects any original work as soon as it is published, and infringement claims can be filed when the work is copied without permission.

Neumann, who passed away in 1993, created bright, bold, modern prints similar to those that Kate Spade has released in her apparel, handbag and accessory lines. Interestingly, Spade recently claimed that she had found inspiration for her own design in Neumann’s silk screen-printed scarves.

Here is Neumann’s original Poppy Field design:

Here are some of Kate Spade's 'Poppy' products:

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