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Richard Granat Sparks the Debate around Price Transparency

The price transparency movement gained a strong advocate today. Richard Granat, founder of DirectLaw Inco. and Co-Chairman of the ABA Task Force on E-Lawyering, wrote a far sighted blog post about AttorneyFee.

Granat, who is no stranger to legal tech, opined that AttorneyFee will be as disruptive to the status quo as LegalZoom, Avvo, Total Attorneys, and RocketLawyer. We are utterly humbled to be compared to these companies, which literally remade the legal industry for their generation.

“For many years,” he said, “I have been critical of the fact that lawyers charge widely differing legal fees for the same work. In a study I was involved at the University of Maryland Law school some years ago, we discovered that for simple family law actions, such as a no-fault divorce, lawyers would charge any where from $500.00 to $3,000.00 for essentially the same work. This variation in legal fees for the same work tasks is another cause of the distrust that the average consumer has of the legal profession.” We are deeply grateful to have Mr. Granat’s endorsement.

But his blog post was not all praises, though. He offered two constructive criticisms of the site. First, he pointed out that the profile pages of individual attorneys should, but currently do not, include a link to the attorney’s website. According to Granat, this is important for three reasons: (i) it enhances overall transparency of the site, (ii) it facilitates consumers to get more information about the attorneys they’re interested in, and (iii) it contributes to the SEO profile of the lawyers’ websites. We agree with him on all of these points, and we take this to be a development goal for the coming weeks.

The second shortcoming that Granat points out is that our conversion form says “Request Free Consultation”. Unlike full scope representation lawyers, Granat’s own practice does not (generally) offer free consultations. Thus, this representation does not fit with the realities of Granat’s practice. This seems like a reasonable point. We’re going to wait on this for a few more days to see whether other lawyers have the same perception.

On balance, we thought the posting was fantastic, and we are confident that it will give AttorneyFee a boost in the arm in terms of awareness and adoption by the profession.

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