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Top 5 Most Hilarious Attorney TV Spots

You would think that those who take up the profession of risk aversion, calculated articulation and strategic argumentation would have an above average acumen to self promotion. Luckily for us, in a great many circumstances, the correlation just isn't there. Below is a short list of truly fantastic examples of when attorneys decided to forgoe the back page of the local phone book to step in front of a camera.


FYI, Kevin Kurgis is a lawyer!

Here's a genius parody of Mr. I Don't Get Paid, Unless You Get Paid:


Next on the list is the most delightfully straightforward ad I have ever seen. The man actually refers to court clerks as "illiterate boobs."


This next video has more cheese than a deep dish pizza. Ziggy Malkowitz is ready to fight! Pow!


Half lawyer, half bouncer, all business:


Ah, the dramatization, an attorney's best friend in the world of TV advertising:


The grand daddy of all attorney promotional videos belongs to Willie E. Gary aka "The Giant Killer." In fact, his video is so unbelievably heroic that if we even tried to embed it on this site, it would demolish our server, so you'll have to click through to watch it. But please do yourself a favor and Dream A Big Dream.

Bonus video!

It may not be an advertisment, but here is arguably the greatest moment in the history of depositions:

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